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Woman’s Problem at night – Funny Joke in English

A woman goes to a doctor and explains:
“Doctor, the whole day I am fine
but when I get up in the morning
I get these random black lines all over my thighs…”…

After full examination doctor asks her :
“What does you husband do?”

“Why is that important!
Anyway, he’s a Carpenter”!

“Ask him to remove the pencil from behind his ear at night”! 😀

Funny Santa Obama Joke in English

Santa went to USA and had a meeting with OBAMA

OBAMA : I want to show you that how much advance we are!
Come with me, He takes him to a forest.

OBAMA : Dig the ground.

Santa did it.

OBAMA : More….More…More…

Santa went upto 100 Feet.

OBAMA : So now, try to search something.

Santa: I got a Wire.

OBAMA: You know, it shows that even 100 years ago we used to have telephones.

Santa became frustrated.
He invited OBAMA to India.

Next year OBAMA was in India.

Santa: I want to show you our advancement.

The same… he takes OBAMA to a forest.

Santa: Mr Obama, Please Dig it…

Obama does.

Santa: More….More…More……

OBAMA goes upto almost 400 feet.

Santa: Try to find something.

OBAMA tries

Santa: Did you get anything?

OBAMA: No, there is nothing here.

Santa: You know, it shows that even 400 years ago, we used to have WIRELESS Mobiles !!!

Santa Rocks, Obama Shocks!

Alcohol for Indians in-flight – Funny Indians Joke

Why they hesitate to serve alcohol for Indians in-flight?

In an Aeroplane, after a series of 4-5 heavy drinks:

British : I will sleep now.

American : I want to work on internet.

German : I will watch movies now.

Chinese : I will listen to music now.

Indian : Ab tera bhai plane udayega .!!